HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Using the Document Assistant

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Using the Document Assistant

If you have installed the software and the computer is on, the
Document Assistant appears when you load a document into the
document feeder tray. Clicking anywhere on the Document Assistant
activates it and displays the names of the functions.

When you click Copy, you gain access to the copy options, such as
adjusting brightness and contrast. You also have access to some
special copy features that aren’t available from the control panel,
such as copying two or four pages per printed page (2 up or 4 up),
and collating very large jobs that do not fit into the HP LaserJet 3100
product’s memory.

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making a

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5 Copying 113

Using the Document Assistant instead of the control panel to copy
takes longer because the document is first scanned to the computer
before it is copied. Because the Document Assistant slows down the
copying process, only use it to access special copying features. For
more information on using the Document Assistant, click Help on the
Document Assistant.