HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - E-mailing portable documents from the JetSuite Pro

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E-mailing portable documents from the JetSuite
Pro software

You can create and e-mail self-viewing copies of JetSuite documents.
If you have an e-mail program that is compatible with the JetSuite Pro
software, the Mail icon is available in the Manager toolbar at the
bottom of the desktop or viewer window:

If this icon is available, you can create and e-mail a self-viewing file of
a JetSuite document in one step. With the document selected on the
desktop or open in the viewer, click the icon. In the Mail dialog, select
Self-Viewing Portable Document and then click Start Mail. You will
be asked for the profile name, and the e-mail program opens
automatically. The file appears as an attachment in a new message.
You can type a message and send the e-mail as you normally would.

If the Mail icon is unavailable, you can still send the JetSuite
document as a self-viewing file. With the document open in the
viewer, select Create Self-Viewer... from the File menu. In the
Self-Viewer Save As dialog, name the file and select the directory
where you want it saved. Then, you can open your e-mail program
and attach the file to a message as you normally would.

For more information on using the JetSuite Pro software, see chapter
6, “Scanning,” and the online help.