HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Introducing the portable document viewer

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Introducing the portable document viewer

The JetSuite Pro software has a feature that enables you to create
truly portable documents. This feature is a portable document viewer,
which is a small, self-contained program. The portable document
viewer can be “wrapped” around almost any electronic document. It
then allows recipients to view and print the document you send them,
whether the original was paper or electronic. If the original was
electronic, you could have created it in any program. As long as the
recipients are using Windows 3.1

x or higher, they can view it by

double-clicking on it.

With the portable document viewer, you could:

e-mail a contract created in Word to a client who does not have
Word so he or she can review it.

scan an invoice and e-mail the electronic copy to a customer for
printing and review.

The portable document viewer also has applications in areas besides
e-mail. If you have a web site, you could use the viewer to create
documents about your business containing words and graphics that
anyone with a Windows operating system could download and read.

Sending e-mail attachments with the portable document viewer adds
approximately 300 K of file size to the e-mail message.


If you want to send a document to someone who has the JetSuite Pro
software, you do not need to send the portable document viewer with
the document. Just save the file with a .jsd extension and attach it to
an e-mail message as you normally would.

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