HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Sending faxes using the Document Assistant (softwa

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Sending faxes using the Document
Assistant (software)

If you have installed the software and the computer is on, you can use
the Document Assistant to send a paper fax. The Document Assistant
appears on the computer screen when you load a document into the
document feeder tray.

After clicking Fax, you can fill out the recipient’s information and send
the fax. You also have access to settings for the HP LaserJet 3100

The advantages to using the Document Assistant are that you can
add an electronic cover sheet (stored on the desktop) and access fax
numbers stored in the JetSuite PC Fax Phone Books. When using the
control panel, you only have access to the one-touch keys and
speed-dial codes.

Before using the Document Assistant to send a paper fax, see
“Selecting items for faxing, copying, and scanning” and “Loading
items to be faxed” in this chapter. The other procedures in this
chapter only describe how to do faxing tasks using the control panel,
but any that can also be done from the software have this icon next to

For more information on using the Document Assistant, click Help on
the Document Assistant dialog box.

Click here to
begin faxing

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