HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Glossary

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Glossary 267


actual size

The size of the page when it was scanned (not enlarged using zoom
in or reduced using zoom out).


A word, note, mark, or highlighting added to an item.

Automatic mode

An HP LaserJet 3100 product feature that allows the fax machine
either to answer incoming calls after the number of rings to answer
specified or “listen” for fax tones when an answering machine
connected to the line answers first. Automatic mode is the default
setting, and the default number of rings to answer is 5.

bit depth

The number of bits used to process scanned images. The greater the
number of bits, the more levels of gray that can be used to display the

BMP file

A Microsoft Windows bitmap file that has the extension .bmp. A
bitmap file defines an image (such as the image of a scanned page)
as a pattern of dots (pixels).


A measure of the overall intensity of the image. The lower the
brightness value, the darker the image; the higher the value, the
lighter the image will be.


The process of reducing a sticky note to an icon.

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268 Glossary



The process of printing a multiple-copy job in sets. When collate is
selected, the HP LaserJet 3100 product prints an entire set before
printing additional copies. Otherwise, the device prints the desired
number of copies of a page together before printing the following

comma (,)

A comma in a dial sequence indicates that the fax machine will pause
at that point in the dialing sequence.


The difference between the dark and light areas of an image. The
lower the number value, the more closely the shades will resemble
each other. The higher the number, the more the shades will stand
out from each other.

container program

A program into which an OLE object is inserted. That program
contains the object.


To remove part of an image. The portion of the image that is selected
remains, while the portion that is not selected is removed.

dedicated line

A single telephone line that is used exclusively for either voice calls or
fax calls.


The view in the JetSuite Pro Desktop software where the JetSuite
folders are visible and where JetSuite documents appear as
thumbnails or file names. Faxes and JetSuite documents are
managed from here. See also viewer and JetSuite Pro Desktop

Document Assistant dialog

An HP LaserJet 3100 product software screen used when working
with documents from a computer. When the document is loaded into
the document feeder, the Document Assistant appears on the
computer screen, allowing you to begin faxing, copying, or scanning
the document.

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Glossary 269

dots per inch (dpi)

A measurement of resolution used for scanning and printing.
Generally, more dots per inch mean a higher resolution, a greater
amount of visible detail in the image, and a larger file size.

e-mail (electronic mail)

An abbreviation for electronic mail. Software that you can use to
electronically transmit items over a communications network.


A process to restore a collapsed sticky note from an icon to its original


A function that allows you to save a copy of a JetSuite item as a
backup or in another graphics format, such as a .TIF, .GIF, or .JPEG.


An abbreviation for facsimile. The electronic encoding of a printed
page and the transmission of the electronic page over a telephone
line. The JetSuite software can send items to electronic fax programs,
which require a modem and fax software.

file format

The way the contents of a file are structured by a program or group of


Graphics Interchange Format, an image used by CompuServe and
other online formats.


Shades of gray that represent light and dark portions of an image.
Color images can also be converted to grayscale where colors are
represented by various shades of gray.


An image type that simulates grayscale by varying the number of
dots. Highly colored areas consist of a large number of dots, while
lighter areas consist of a smaller number of dots.

hypertext links

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270 Glossary


A link from one part of a document to another. When a linked word or
phrase or graphic is clicked, the user will jump to the linked word,
phrase, or graphic.


A function that allows you to bring files saved in graphics formats
such as .BMP and .TIF into the JetSuite software.

the JetSuite Pro Desktop software

Software that allows you to manage documents and make them
accessible to others. The JetSuite Pro Desktop software can be used
to annotate scanned documents, create hypertext links, and more.


Joint Photographic Experts Group, an international standard for
compressing digital photographic images.


A connection to a program or device that you can use to send
information from JetSuite to other programs, such as e-mail,
electronic fax, and OCR links.

Link Bar

The icons on the bottom of the desktop or viewer that represent
programs installed on your computer, such as e-mail software.

linked program

A program installed on your computer that you can use with JetSuite.
For example, you can use OCR software to translate a JetSuite item
into text.

Manual mode

An HP LaserJet 3100 product feature that prevents the fax machine
from answering calls. To receive a fax, the fax receiving process must
be started either from the fax machine itself, the software, or from a
telephone connected to the same line as the fax machine.

optical character recognition (OCR) software

OCR software converts an electronic image of text, such as a
scanned document, into a form word processor, spreadsheet, and
database programs can use.

PC faxing

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Glossary 271

Faxing electronic documents from and receiving incoming faxes to
the computer. The computer must have a PC fax program installed to
use PC faxing. A PC fax program came with the HP LaserJet 3100

portable document viewer

A mini-program that can be attached to an electronic document and
e-mailed. The recipient will be able to view, annotate, and print the
document, no matter what program was used to create the document.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

A small telephone switching system that typically is used by large
businesses or universities to connect all telephone extensions within
the organization. A PBX also connects to the public switched
telephone network (PSTN) and may be either manual or dial,
depending on the method used by extensions to place incoming or
outgoing calls. Normally, the equipment is owned by the customer
rather than leased from the telephone company.

public switched telephone network (PSTN)

The worldwide dial-up telephone network or a portion of that network.
Users are assigned unique phone numbers, which allow them to
connect to the PSTN through local telephone exchange companies.
Often, this phrase is used when referring to data or other
non-telephone services carried over a path initially established using
normal telephone signaling and ordinary switched long distance
telephone circuits.


The sharpness of an image, measured in dots per inch (dpi). The
higher the dpi, the greater the resolution.

shared line

A single telephone line that is used for both voice and fax calls.

sticky note

An annotation that is a multiline, resizable note. Similar to a paper
sticky note, it covers the item information beneath it. You can move a
sticky note or collapse it to an icon. You can search for words in a
sticky note by using the Find command.

summary information

Information about the item, such as creator or keywords, that you can
add to an item in the Summary Information dialog box to help you find
the item quickly.


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272 Glossary


An industry-standard for scanners and software. Using a TWAIN-
compliant scanner with a TWAIN-compliant program, you can initiate
a scan from within the program.


A program that allows someone who does not have the JetSuite
software to view a JetSuite document. The Viewer does not allow
someone to change the document.

zoom in

To make a page larger on the screen so you can see more detail.

zoom out

To make a page smaller on the screen so you can have a broader
view of the page.

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