HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Hints and help

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Hints and help

In this section, find suggestions and answers to commonly asked
questions. See chapter 9, “Troubleshooting and Maintenance,” for a
more complete list of common copy quality and usage solutions.

What If...

I need to dial an international number? You may want to dial using
manual dialing so you can listen for different tones. See “Using
manual dial” in chapter 3.

I’m trying to dial a long fax number and it won’t let me dial all the
The maximum number of digits or characters that can be
entered into a fax number is 40. If you need to enter a calling card
number plus a fax number or a long international number, you can
split the number between two one-touch keys or speed-dial codes.
Program the first one-touch key or speed-dial code with the calling
card number or first part of the international number and press





at the end of the number. Then, program the second

one-touch key or speed-dial code with the fax number or second part
of the international number. To use them, press the first one-touch
key and then the second, or enter the first speed-dial code and then
the second, one after the other. The HP LaserJet 3100 product dials
both strings of numbers as if they were a single number.

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