HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Hints and help

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Hints and help

In this section, find answers to commonly asked questions and
suggestions for getting the most out of your HP LaserJet 3100
product. See chapter 9, “Troubleshooting and Maintenance,” for a
more complete list of common print quality and usage problems and

What If...

I want to use more than one of the HP LaserJet 3100 product
functions at the same time?
This product is specifically designed to
allow you to do many tasks simultaneously, such as print while
sending a fax.

Jobs also queue and wait until another job finishes. For example, if a
fax is being received while you are printing, the fax is stored in
memory and then prints automatically after the print job finishes. Or, if
an incoming fax is being printed, you can start sending an outgoing
fax. The outgoing fax is stored in memory and starts transmitting
when the phone line is available. Only in rare instances will the HP
LaserJet 3100 product run out of memory and cancel one job so it
can complete another.

See “Simultaneous tasking features” in appendix A for a complete list
of which features can be used at the same time.

A paper jam occurs while printing? Once you have removed the
jam, the HP LaserJet 3100 product, in most cases, reprints the
jammed page and finishes the rest of the job. Once your print job has
finished printing, check to make sure all pages printed.

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110 4 Printing


The document prints on the wrong side of the paper or upside
Check to make sure the paper is loaded correctly. See
“Loading media” or “Printing on letterhead and envelopes” in this

Both sides of the duplex job printed on the same side? After
printing the first side, you probably placed the sheet into the top paper
input bin or the single-sheet input slot with the printed side facing you.
When duplexing, make sure to place printed side facing back.

Envelopes are not printing the correct way? Check that the
envelope is loaded correctly. See “Printing on letterhead and
envelopes” in this chapter. Also, there may be a special adjustment
required by your program. See its documentation for instructions. You
may also want to try to print the envelope on a blank sheet of Letter or
A4 size paper so you can see where the words are printing.

A fax comes in while envelopes are loaded? Before you begin
printing envelopes, you can receive faxes to memory and then print
them after you have reloaded the normal paper. See “Receiving faxes
to memory” in chapter 8 and “Printing faxes received to memory” in
chapter 3.

If you couldn’t remove the envelopes before the fax began printing,
you can try to reprint the fax. See “Reprinting faxes” in chapter 3 for

Cleaning up spilled toner

If toner spills on clothing, carpets, or upholstery, remove it using a
clean cloth dipped in cold water. Wash clothing in cold water. Hot
water and the heat of the dryer set toner into fabric.

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