HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Printing on special media

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Printing on special media

The HP LaserJet 3100 product is designed to print on a variety of
media, including transparencies, envelopes, and custom-made
paper. It is recommended that you use HP media or media meeting
HP’s specifications. See “Ordering parts” in chapter 9 to order HP’s
special media or the

HP LaserJet Printer Family Paper Specification


To print on special media


Set the paper path lever to the lower position to use the front
paper output slot for a straight-through paper path. This is
important when printing media such as postcards,
transparencies, labels, envelopes, and heavy paper (28- to 42-lb
[100- to 157-g/m


] bond weight).


Adjust the guides to the approximate size of media you are using.


Insert the media print side forward and top side down into the
single-sheet input slot or the paper input bin.


Readjust the guides to center the media.


Set the correct margins, paper size, and orientation in your


Choose Print in your software.

Additional tips for custom sizes

Do not print on media smaller than 3 inches (76.2 mm) wide or 5
inches (127 mm) tall.

Set margins of at least 0.25 inch (6.4 mm) in your software.

Always insert media vertically (portrait orientation) into the HP
LaserJet 3100 product. If you want to print in landscape mode,
make this selection through your software.

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Additional tips for envelopes

Low operating humidity (less than 50 percent, relative humidity)
often results in a background gray cast. (This is often most
noticeable during the winter months.) For best results, print
envelopes with a humidity of 50 percent or more. Also, try to store
envelopes in that same condition for at least 24 hours before
printing. (Note that background gray cast is sometimes also
evident just after installing a new toner cartridge.)

If possible, verify that envelope adhesive can withstand 392° F
(200° C). This is the temperature of the fusing assembly during

If envelopes are coming out wrinkled, try flattening the edges of
the envelope with a ruler or other flat object. Or, try using a
different brand of envelope.

Keep the printer clean. Contaminants such as loose toner and
paper dust can interfere with the printing process.

Additional tips for transparencies

To avoid transparency curl, remove the transparency as it comes out
of the HP LaserJet 3100 product and set it on a flat surface to cool.

Additional tips for printing labels

Do not use labels that are separating from the backing sheet or
that are wrinkled or damaged in any way.

Do not use any sheet of labels that has spaces in it where some
of the labels have been removed.

Do not feed a sheet of labels through your HP LaserJet 3100
product more than once.

If possible, verify that label adhesive can withstand 392° F
(200° C). This is the temperature of the fusing assembly during

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