HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Introducing the desktop (software)

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Introducing the desktop (software)

When you close a document in the viewer, it appears as a thumbnail
(a small image) or file name in the desktop of the JetSuite Pro
software. Identify the following features on the desktop:

The desktop helps you manage scanned documents. Use the
desktop to:

organize and file a saved, scanned item in a folder.

send the scanned item to another program, such as a word
processing program.

manage faxes being sent from and received to the computer and
view fax logs for all faxes.

If you want to return to viewing the document in the viewer, double-
click the thumbnail or file name of the document.

For more information about scanning and the JetSuite software, see
chapter 6, “Scanning,” and the online help.

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a scanned

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