HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Using online help

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Using online help

You installed the online help when you installed the software. Online
help contains detailed procedures that guide you through any task
you want to perform from the software. It provides information that is
specific to the current task. Online help is also a troubleshooting tool.
When questions arise or a problem occurs, the quickest way to find a
solution is to access your online help.

Online help contains the following general topics:

Installation Help — provides help on installing the software and
determining required settings.

General Information Help — gives overview information for the
print, fax, copy, and scan functions. Also gives overview information
for the JetSuite software.

Troubleshooting — gives solutions for common problems.

How Do I — provides step-by-step instructions on printing, faxing,
copying, scanning, configuration, and other JetSuite software tasks.

You can access online help by:

clicking Help on the Document Assistant or any screen where the
Help button appears.

selecting Contents from the Help menu on the desktop or

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