HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Scanning an item

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Scanning an item

You must have installed the software to scan an item. Start a scan
from the Document Assistant by clicking Scan.

When the next dialog box opens, click Start Scan or Scan to Text.
Clicking Start Scan places the item in the viewer of the JetSuite Pro
software. Using this program, you can annotate, organize, and store
important documents. If you click Scan to Text, the document is
converted to editable text and opens in an unnamed file in your word-
processing program.

To scan to the JetSuite Desktop


Load the document into the document feeder tray.


When the Document Assistant appears, click anywhere on it to
activate it.


Click Scan.


In the dialog box that appears, adjust any options, such as
contrast, and click Start Scan.


After it has been scanned, the item will appear in the viewer.
Explore the options: Add annotations and hyperlinks, and then
send the item to fax, print, or another task.

For more information on scanning, see chapter 6, “Scanning,” and the
online help. For more information on scanning to e-mail, see chapter
7, “E-mailing Portable Documents,” and the online help.

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