HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Working with the desktop

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Working with the desktop

When no document is open in the viewer, the desktop shows the
JetSuite documents and file folders. JetSuite documents appear as
thumbnails (a small image) or as file names:

On the desktop, you can view and organize scanned items, as well as
faxes being sent from and received to the computer. The following
are a few of the tasks you could accomplish using the desktop:

After scanning business cards from contacts, use the desktop to
organize them in an electronic file.

Scan receipts and keep them as an electronic record of your
business expenses.

Organize received faxes as an electronic file of contact with

If you want to view a JetSuite document (.jsd file extension) and add
notes or highlight information, double-click the thumbnail or file name
of the item. The document appears in the viewer.

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a scanned

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