HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Connecting the parallel cable

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Connecting the parallel cable

If you do not have a computer or have
chosen not to install the software, you do
not need to connect the parallel cable.


If you are connecting the HP LaserJet
3100 product to a computer, the HP
LaserJet 3100 product must be
connected directly to a dedicated parallel
port on the computer. If you have a
device such as an external disk drive or
switch box connected to the computer’s
parallel port, you must unhook the
device to connect and use the HP
LaserJet 3100 product, or you must use
two parallel ports on the computer.

To connect the parallel cable


Turn off the computer.


Squeeze the clips on the sides of
the parallel cable and attach it to
the connector on the back of the HP
LaserJet 3100 product. Gently tug
on the cable to ensure it is securely
connected, and then push it back in.


Connect the other end of the cable
to a parallel port on the computer.
Secure the cable by tightening the


Do not connect the cable to a serial port
on the computer. Doing so can damage
the HP LaserJet 3100 product. If you
need help locating the parallel port, see
the documentation for the computer.



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