HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Connecting the power cord

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Connecting the power cord

The HP LaserJet 3100 product does not
have a power switch. It turns on when
the power cord is connected.


HP does not recommend use of battery
backup or uninterruptible power supplies
with this product. Using them could
damage the product.


Connect the power cord to the
connector on the back of the HP
LaserJet 3100 product.


Plug the other end into a grounded
power strip or wall outlet. Once the
power is connected, the HP
LaserJet 3100 product turns on and
runs an internal self-test.


If you have plugged the HP LaserJet
3100 product into a power strip, keep the
power strip turned on at all times.
Otherwise, the HP LaserJet 3100
product cannot receive faxes.


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