HP LaserJet 3100 All in One Printer series - Basic troubleshooting steps

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Basic troubleshooting steps

If the HP LaserJet 3100 product doesn’t work properly, first check the

The Ready (green) light is on and not blinking. If the Error
(yellow) light is on, check the control panel display for a message.

No error messages are displayed on the computer screen or the
HP LaserJet 3100 product’s control panel display.

The power cord is securely connected to the HP LaserJet 3100
product and plugged into a live electrical outlet.

The parallel cable between the HP LaserJet 3100 product and
the computer is connected securely.

The telephone cord between the HP LaserJet 3100 product and
the wall is securely connected.

Too many programs were open when trying to do a task. Try
closing other programs not in use or restarting the computer
before retrying the task.

The parallel cable is functioning properly. To check, try
connecting a different size C parallel cable.

Paper is in the paper input bin.

Most answers for software-related issues are in the online help. See
this chapter for basic printing, scanning, and PC faxing help topics,
then see the online help.

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